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We are friends, who own several Holyday houses. We would like to rent our houses to friends of Scandinavia and we want to do this as private and as individual as possible. We want to have direct contact to our guests. And of course we are happy about families with children. If you book one of our houses, you can be sure that there won't be any surprises.

Everything can first be discussed with your host: whether cots are still required, the angling license is already bought, the grill is big enough or the house and the environment are prepared for disabled people.

Contact me (Peter Kuczmierczyk) to book a house and use my aid (of course free). I'll prepare everything for you - and if you like, I'll advise you upon trip planning: Route, ferry boats, money, foods, leisure activities. The rental you agreed with can either be paid directly in Sweden, or for House Haganäs transfered to a german account.

You see: As easy and as cheap as possible!


We look like that:

Peter Kuczmierczyk:
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Lars Bard und Marina:
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